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Visiting CrossFitters

Visiting CrossFitters are welcome to join our CrossFit classes. If you choose to follow your own programming you may use the box while we have a class in session, though the class takes priority over equipment & space.

All we ask is that you shoot us a quick email letting us know what class time(s) you plan to attend so that we can notify the coaches to expect a visitor. You may view our class schedule here.

All visitors, please arrive an additional 5 minutes prior on your first visit to fill out a waiver, purchase your passes ($10/day or week pass $35), and get accustomed to our box. Warm-up on your own, and await instruction on the Warm Up & WOD from your Coach.

Affiliate Owners visit free.

We also have t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats available for sale!

To let us know of your upcoming visit click here.

You can print & download a waiver here.

CrossFit training, CrossFit WOD, CrossFit Bluefield for Bluefield, VA, Bluefield, WV and surrounding areas.